“Here comes the sun…”

“Here comes the sun…”

Today was one of the days I’ll tell my grandchildren about, with glossy eyes, silver hair, and probably a few thousand cats on my lap.

I hoped on a tram to Heaton Park in Manchester with my partner in crime, unaware of the surprises that we would soon stumble upon. Seriously, if you’re looking for somewhere to go the next time the sun peeps from behind his blankets, I would recommend Heaton Park to anyone. While bright blue boating lakes, fields of golden buttercups and brightly coloured ice lollies may not be what dreams are made of, they’re pretty close.

One of the most magical parts of the day involved being greeted my two beautiful horses, one a rich, chestnut brown and one a shinny, pearlescent cream colour. I think they liked having their photos taken nearly as much as I do, but sadly, I didn’t have any biscuits to offer them (unlike the family next to us) and our love affair was over in a flash. Of course, the towering bushes of brightly coloured petals, trickling waterfalls and long awaited orange ice pop more than mended my broken heart.

Below are some of my favourite photos from my trip to Heaton Park.


Whether you visit Heaton Park with a flood of angusty teens at Parklife festival, with your family on a sunny day or even just for a breath of fresh air in a city that seems to be never-ending, I hope you can appreciate it’s beauty, and definitely pay the ice-cream man a visit.




Finally, I’m able to say, with a joyful heart and weary hands, that exam season is over! I made it out alive, my dignity somewhat intact, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been dreaming of the summer for many moons; the adventures it would hold, a ‘no money back’ guarantee of warm weather and, most importantly, revitalizing my old blog!! How neglected you have been over that past few months! I’m an unfit mother, but I hope to nurture you into better heath with my undying love and attention over the next few months at least.

The following photos are from my last day of school. As guilty as I am of wishing the days away far too often, I must admit I loved high school, and I’m glad I don’t have to say a proper goodbye yet (as I will be going to Sixth-form next year). Visiting a stretch of woodland with my boyfriend (and, of course, my camera) brought me some calm after the calamity of saying goodbyes, taking emotional group selfies and signing a mass of crisp, white school shirts.


As sad as it is that I’m waving goodbye to my high school days (which, ledgend says, are some of the best days I’ll have), I can’t help but be optimistic that this may be the best summer yet!


‘Twas the night before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Christmas Eve. December 24th. You may not think much of it. Perhaps it brings you a wave of stress, dashing to the shops to buy a last minute gift for the aunt you completely forgot about, tugging on brightly coloured paper in a desperate attempt to wrap the last few presents that were hiding at the back of the cupboard. Me? I see Christmas Eve very differently than most over the age of 14 do.

Christmas Eve. The most exciting day of the year.

Before sunrise I woke up swaddled in the arms of my favourite person, the boy who happens to be my boyfriend and best friend. With weary eyes, we flicked on the TV to the side of the room, spending the morning watching the classic “Love actually”, and (of course) coming close to bawling my eyes out whenever it got remotely soppy. A later trip to Dunham Massey (again, I know, I’m obsessed) was the perfect afternoon; walking around the beautiful, winter sunlit grounds with tummies filled to the brim with hot chocolate and carrot cake. Bliss.

By sunset, I’m always overflowing with butterflies. The kind that keep me up all night, waking at the crack of dawn the next day (to the horror of my wonderful, yet rather sleepy, Mother). The tree ablaze with hundreds of tiny fireflies, I spent the evening surrounded by my closest family members, excited yet peaceful. Having a small family is lovely and quiet, and I also think it means you appreciate their company more. Reminiscing and reliving my childhood with every move, I spent the evening endlessly checking NORAD ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you seriously NEED to get on the band-wagon), admiring the array of pastel packages under the tree and replying to sweet, joy filled messages.

christmas 3christmas 6christmas eve 5


It’s midnight now, so I suppose my favourite day of the year is over. Christmas Eve 2015, you certainly have not disappointed, and a huge thank-you to everyone who made it special.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed day tomorrow, no matter whom you are spending it with or if you are celebrating or not. Merry Christmas!







“Guten tag” from the Manchester Christmas markets…

“Guten tag” from the Manchester Christmas markets…

One of my favourite things to do when the air gets colder, nights get darker and Santa begins loading the sleigh is to visit the German Christmas markets in Manchester. My lovely boyfriend took me last Saturday, and despite the huge waves of crowds and tragedy of dropping my white chocolate crepe down my red shirt, I had a fantastic time.

Nothing quite compares to the rich smells, dappled Christmas lights and sense of community scattered around Manchester central at this time of year. Despite the chaos of Christmas shoppers, barging the disabled and elderly to the ground just to grab onto the last Thornton’s collection box, the markets have always held a peaceful, happy spot in my overwhelmed yuletide heart.

A highlight for me has to be the large, garish Santa, perched on top of the beautiful, gothic architecture of St Albert’s square, although that’s closely followed by the mass amounts of warm, sickly food served on every bend. I remember going to the markets with my best friend Laura when I was young and the markets still capture the magic of Christmas that they did for me so many years ago; ahh!

Here’s a few of my favourite photos from the Manchester German Christmas markets.DSCF3678DSCF3695DSCF3715DSCF3737DSCF3738


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

“I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!!” – Elf (the best Christmas movie ever made).

Today I went to the garden centre Bents with my wonderful family and gorgeous boyfriend, Richard. I have to say, it’s up there on the leader board for “best days ever”, although that could of course be the fruit-shoot talking. The journey there was a delight in itself; we drove past beautiful stately houses, over a toll bridge that had a fantastic view (was it worth 25 pence though?) and past a field with a mass of lamas and ostriches in! When we arrived Richard and I got started on some Christmas shopping, which was super exciting, and then we all had a lovely meal together in the evening. The cafe is beyond amazing, with the most delicious range of fresh food.

I do not know how I had any time whatsoever to take photos, but (thankfully) I did. Here’s a selection of my favourites.



To summarise, I have had such a lovedly day and I really do reccomend Bents to pretty much anyone. Garden centers clearly aren’t just for the middle-aged and above, as spending the day exploring one has made this teenage girl very happy!






Awkward introductions have never been my forte, along with many things, it seems. Yet I suppose you have to start somewhere, and I ought to do the same.

My name is Anna McBride. I am 15 years old and I live in a small town in the UK, mainly inhabited by the elderly and a mass of ignorant teenage boys. I’m currently in my last year of high school, falling over the handlebars of my childhood whimsy that I’m trying so hard to latch on to!! Despite that strangely horrifying idea, there are many things I love and appreciate within my life.

I love fashion; I have for as long as I can remember. Window-shopping in small boutiques is my ultimate guilty pleasure, closely followed by spending my life’s savings in Topshop. Thrifting is also a HUGE hobby of mine. It is something I do far too often with my mother, of whom I love and appreciate more than I can explain. She inspired my love for writing too.

And that brings me here!! From A to Z, we have finally reached the chapter where Anna plucks up the courage to “create” a blog. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and despite the sniggers I know I’ll face at school, I’m really, truly excited about this.

(Photo taken by my beautiful bestfriend, Laura.)DSC_1179